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How To Download New Voter ID Card Online – 2023

How To Download New Voter ID Card Online – 2022 | Download the Voter Id Card | Process to Download Voter Id Card | Date of Birth (DOB) | One Selfie with your voter Id Card/Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC) |

How To Download New Voter ID Card Online – 2023

How To Download New Voter ID Card Online: The process of downloading your Voter ID card online has been simplified by the Election Commission of India since September 2015. There are also several other ways to obtain a Voter ID card, apart from the online mode. You can apply for your Voter ID through any of the following options.

Download the Voter Id Card

While we’re on your computer, let’s make sure you have everything you need to complete your voter registration. First, find your state and county by clicking here. If you are planning on voting in any elections within the next year or so, make sure that you register soon-most states require registration at least 30 days before an election. Once you have completed these steps and downloaded your voter ID card, all that is left is for us to congratulate you!

Process to Download Voter Id Card

A complete and successful process is required in order to get your voter ID card. In addition, even before you start, you must make sure that you have all of your documents and identification cards ready for submission. The whole process is simple and quick so there’s no need to worry about it. All you have to do is follow all of these steps carefully

How To Download New Voter ID Card Online

Election Commission

The Election Commission of India is an autonomous constitutional authority responsible for administering election processes in India. The commission is headed by the Chief Election Commissioner, who is appointed by the President of India, on the recommendation of a panel headed by the Prime Minister. The Election Commission operates under provisions provided in the Constitution of India and other statutory laws enacted by Parliament.

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Iso Code Number

In India, different states are divided into three types of postal codes: mailing address Postal code, Pincode, and ISO 3166-2. The Indian post office divides all states of India into five categories, each containing ten regions. Every state belongs to one category and then two numbers separated by two capital letters. For example CR for Chhattisgarh – there are 32 postal codes and post offices in 10 local districts.

Name in full

voter ID card name, father’s name, date of birth, and gender: Most states have online voter registration tools. To register online, enter your state’s election agency website, where you’ll be able to search for your correct county board of elections and submit an application with your personal information. Some states require you to provide additional details (e.g., driver’s license number) to validate your identity.

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Date of Birth (DOB)

The exact DOB is necessary for your application as it helps in finding your name on electoral rolls. If you’re not sure of your DOB, don’t worry. Click Here and fill up details like name, gender, father’s name, and submit. The system will automatically identify your age and will generate a ‘Date of Birth Certificate’ which you can use for further applications like a passport or voter ID or PAN card etc. You can click here for more information.

One Selfie with your voter Id Card/Election Photo Identity Card (EPIC)

With voter ID, it is not mandatory for you to get your photo clicked in order by any of these centers. The facility of getting yourself clicked with your Voter ID Card or EPIC does not exist anywhere in India. In such cases, one can take his/her own photograph along with their ID proof and then share it on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram using #voterid #epiccard, etc.

Upload HD quality picture

The first step is to take an image of your voter ID and upload it on e-K EVM. The picture should be of perfect quality, like that of a passport/ driver’s license with a minimum of 1 MB file size.

Click on Validate button. If you find any discrepancy, try again.

The data entered by you will be validated by a third party. You need to click on validate button for validation of your details. The validation process may take about 15 days. During that period, you should verify your information and make necessary corrections if required. Once validation is complete, an acknowledgment slip will be sent to you through email with your registered mobile number. The acknowledgment has two types of URN.

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