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My Smartphone is Hanging What Should I do ( 5 Ways)

My Smartphone is Hanging What Should I do | Tips to fix hanging phone | Avoid games with heavy graphics |

My Smartphone is Hanging What Should I do

My Smartphone is Hanging What Should I do?: If your smartphone stops in the middle while walking, then obviously you will not like it and if this is happening to you then today we are going to tell you how to deal with it.

This must have happened to you sometime or the other when you are running a smart phone and it stops working in the middle or its screen gets stuck in the middle. 

In such a situation, if you are doing some important work or are in an office meeting, then a problem arises in front of you, but do you know that this problem can be got rid of that too in a few minutes. 

If your smartphone also hangs continuously and due to this you are troubled for a long time, then now you do not need to buy a new smartphone or get it repaired because we have brought some very important tips for you which will help you in your big business. Will work

My Smartphone Is Hanging What Should I do

Do not use anyone’s charger

If you have a habit of charging your smartphone with any charger, then change it immediately, we are saying this because any charger will charge your smartphone well, it is not necessary, never did it when needed However, if you do this continuously, then hanging issues will start Coming in your smartphone and you can also have a lot of problems due to them.

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Avoid games with heavy graphics

If you are fond of gaming, then it is better not to play games beyond the capacity of your smartphone, in fact such games can create hanging issues in your smartphone. Once this starts happening it can take a long time for you to fix it, so always try to avoid heavy games.

Tips to fix hanging phone

Several apps on your phone store pieces of data while you use them and over time it clogs your phone’s ram which causes your phone to hang. To Clear these recent data; Go to SETTINGS >> APPS >>SELECT A FREQUENTLY USED APP (e.g. Browser) >>> STORAGE >> CLEAR DATA. Apply this process to other apps that you use frequently to free up your phone’s memory and reduce hanging.

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Uninstall suspicious mobile apps

Applications that are not downloaded from your phone’s default app store commonly contain viruses that affect your device’s performance. Uninstall these apps and restrain from downloading software from unreliable sources to avoid malware that affect the performance of your phone.

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Use antivirus Protection

Viruses can be very persistent and sometimes require Antivirus software to get rid of them. Go to your phone’s App store, type ‘antivirus’ in the search bar and download your preferred antivirus app. Launch the app and scan your files to get rid of any virus that may cause your phone to hang.

Download, install latest Application

Your phone’s software and other apps release updated versions regularly and these updates usually contain bug fixes that may solve any abnormality you’re experiencing with your phone or particular apps. It is recommended that you download and install system updates for your phone to fix any phone hanging or freezing problems associated with the previous software version.

Delete irrelevant mobile image and Video files

Keeping irrelevant files and apps take up storage space on your phone and your phone needs sufficient storage to run smoothly. Delete heavy videos or games on your phone to free up space and allow your phone to run seamlessly.

Use external memory

If your phone’s storage is not large enough to contain the files you need, you will most likely have to be deleting files regularly to keep your phone from hanging. To keep all your important files and still have your device running smoothly, get a SD card (memory card) that can contain all the files you need.

Reset to factory settings

If all the above tips do not work, it is advised that you reset your phone’s software. Also known as Factory reset, this fix will give your phone’s software a fresh start but ensure you backed up your data so you don’t lose any important information.

Smartphones with more impressive specs are less likely to hang compared to budget devices with lesser specs. Whichever phone you’re using, the tips above should fix your phone hanging problem.

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